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Basketball &Tennis Instruction, Sport cards Investing & Consultation

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Whether you want to train one-on-one or bring your team, Mahertime Sports has something for everyone.

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What our parents say

Thanks so much for the past two weeks. Gennie loved every minute and we already see the results in her games.

Edward Davidson

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Abigayle Jordan

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Leo Gibson

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1234 Ash Dr. San Jose, South
Dakota 56789


4545 Washington Ave. Manchester,
Kentucky 12301


Pricing options that fit your budget and goals

Group trainings
Group trainings
$ 49.00 USD
$ 60.00 USD
7 sessions

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Private training
Private training
$ 79.00 USD
5 sessions

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$ 99.00 USD
per month

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Frequently Asked

Can I cancel my membership?

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Can I freeze my membership?

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What is the class cancellation policy?

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What kinds of classes are right for me?

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"The time is always right
to do what is right."
- Dr. martin luther king

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